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Bring deadly Excel spreadsheets to life with interactive and engaging gauges, maps, sliders and other "next generation" visual tools and get instant answers to the question: "What If?"

  • What if we increased inventory levels by 5%?
  • What if we decreased our cash by 3%?
  • What if our costs increased by 6%?

And, what if you could stand out in the crowd with an outstanding presentation or dashboard? So easy anyone can use it.

Decrease dependency on IT with Xcelsius 2008, a family of next generation data and visualization tools. Take them for a test drive now.

Xcelsius Present 2008
Transform data into persuasive presentations, easy for anyone to use

Xcelsius Engage 2008
Transform data into insightful, actionable dashboards

Xcelsius Engage Server 2008
Share live dashboards over the Web

It is easier than ever to put the power of relevant intelligent information into the hands of any business user.

Why Xcelsius Present?

  • Create professional-looking presentations in just a few minutes
  • Transform rows of data into interactive charts, maps and more
  • Make informed decisions by exploring what-if scenarios
  • Engage, inform and persuade your audience with stunning visualizations
  • Design advanced data visualizations by using more than 50 pre-built analytics

Why Xcelsius Engage?

  • Gain real-time insight into your business performance
  • Build professional-looking dashboards in just a few hours
  • Gain the confidence to take action by evaluating different what-if scenarios
  • Transform complex company data into simple, actionable visual information
  • Engage, inform and persuade your audience with Xcelsius stunning visualization

Why Xcelsius Engage Server?

  • Deliver a holistic view of your business performance via dashboards connected to multiple data sources
  • Empower business users to create dashboards connected to company databases
  • Extend and maximize the value of your current IT solutions with highly visual front-ends
  • Develop live business dashboards without writing a single line of code

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