Xcelsius 2008 Demos and Sample Downloads

Click on the images below to launch an interactive demo. Use the simulated controls in each demo to see Xcelsius 2008 in action.
View Demo: Projected World Sales Model

Projected World Sales Model

This interactive, visual model allows executives to forecast their annual sales and marketing expense for various World regions by modifying the projected sales growth for each region. Executives can further analyze regional results by comparing their 5 year annual sales trends to their top two competitors, and by viewing relative market presence for all regions.

View Demo: Competitive Comparison Dashboard

Competitive Comparison Dashboard

This dashboard allows you to perform competitive analysis across three key areas: cost structure, market share and growth trends. View head-to-head comparisons of each line item in your income statement. Visualize your slice of the market versus your main competitors. And perform ad hoc analysis to see growth trends for you, your competitors, and the industry.

View Demo: Financial Visual Business Model

Financial Visual Business Model

Analysis Factory's ECFO solution helps financial managers present an accurate, comprehensive, yet easy to understand picture of an organization's fiscal and operating condition. ECFO meets many of the challenges facing the Finance Department of today's medium to large companies.

For more information about this solution, contact Analysis Factory.

View Demo: Banking Visual Model

Banking Visual Model

This financial visual model offers a dynamic combination of "what-if" scenarios and drill-down features. It covers aspects such as financial performance, growth, risk, and market share. Clicking on a specific value point shows the viewer the underlying individual report.

View Demo: Sales Visual Model

Sales Visual Model

Analysis Factory's Sales Center visual model solution is designed for the Executive Sales Management Team. The Sales Center is the one place to monitor the most important factor for most companies: Sales—past, present, and future. It will hold past sales and current orders from a financial system of record (Oracle, J.D. Edwards, SAP), while simultaneously collecting sales forecasts from a forecasting or CR/M tool (Siebel, salesforce.com) to present a seamless projection of how the quarter and year will turn out. Sales Center users spend less time collecting and assembling the forecast, and more time communicating and executing their Sales Plan.

For more information about this solution, contact Analysis Factory.

View Demo: Profitability Analysis

Profitability Analysis

This profitability model allows you to create "what-if" scenarios by modifying sales growth rate and all other relevant accounts measured as a percentage of total sales. This example, built with fictitious data, depicts the most relevant accounts of a profit and loss statement, and shows the impact of changes on net income. The results change immediately, allowing you to create endless what-if scenarios.

View Demo: Analysis by Regions

Analysis by Regions

This interactive data visualization allows executives to analyze income statement accounts by comparing various regions along with their monthly and year to date trends. It compares the contribution of each region for each account, and flows to specific monthly and year-to-date details for the selected region.

View Demo: Bank Profitability

Bank Profitability

This "what-if" analysis models Return on Equity for a financial institution. It demonstrates how executives can visually evaluate different scenarios by adjusting key variables. With each variation, the what-if model calculates and displays the projected result on all other accounts, and at the same time compares each account with its target.

View Demo: Daily Executive Report

Daily Executive Report

This interactive visual model summarizes the daily status of a hospitality company's key performance indicators (KPIs) across 14 locations. It gives the executive an interactive view of the daily and monthly metrics that drive business.

View Demo: Loans by Branch

Loans by Branch

This interactive visual model displays the monthly balance by loan type for various branches. It allows executives to compare trends and growth rates across more than 30 locations, by three different products and by three fiscal years of history. This example demonstrates how by using different selectors in your business dashboard, you can access over 500 charts in one slide.

View Demo: Monthly Sales Analytic

Monthly Sales Analytic

The Monthly Sales model is an example of how you can create a powerful PowerPoint slide. The presentation shows the monthly sales trend by each sales representative, and compares it against their respective budget. This Analytic also shows a projected forecast for each sales rep, based on total sales and a monthly variation against budget.

View Demo: Portable Interactive Visual Model

Portable Interactive Visual Model

This one-page analytic showcases drilldown capability that allows executives to monitor results of selected metrics across various levels of the organization. It displays a set of metrics for different groups, departments, and divisions - and uses a combination of charts and gauges to visually highlight some classic metrics.

View Demo: Revenue Tool

Revenue Tool

This visual analysis model simulates a company's revenue structure, and allows the viewer to modify predictions regarding future sales and future sales targets. The result is an immediate, visual forecast of revenues versus goals in three categories.

View Demo: Sales Visual Model

Sales Visual Model

This robust, visual sales analytic shows hundred of data values including monthly sales by product-type and by sales region. It also displays consolidated sales and regional comparisons. For additional clarity, the chart contains a table of the actual data values, as well.

View Demo: Standard Income Statement

Standard Income Statement

This interactive visual business model highlights a new way of presenting typical income statements. The viewer selects a desired region from a map, and can see its P&L and net income trend over the last six quarters vs. target. Each region is represented by a color determined by its performance versus budget. For all other accounts, the data is displayed by months and by year-to-date.

Featured Customer Samples

Here are some real-world examples of Xcelsius dashboards built by customers. Click on the images below to launch an interactive demo.
View Demo: Acme Monitoring System

Acme Monitoring System

This interactive dashboard shows the effect of several sources of inaccuracy on a monitoring system. A user can visually evaluate different scenarios by adjusting key variables using the dials on the screen and immediately see the results. - Javier Fernandez, author

View Demo: Profit and Loss Analysis

Profit and Loss Analysis

This dashboard is for users to review the profit and loss for monthly and year-to-date sales results for different sales locations within the company. It also provides an overview of the sales profit and loss. At the same time, the user has the ability to make detailed adjustments to sales, costs, and expenses in order to identify possible opportunities for improving the operating profit. - L.T. Zhao, author

2005-2006 Failure Rate Top 30 High School Courses

2005-2006 Failure Rate Top 30 High School Courses
This dashboard provides a look at failure rates of the top thirty high school courses for different student groups. - Michael Lara, author

View Demo: Financial Analysis Calculator

Financial Analysis Calculator

This "what if" analysis tool utilizes sales data and costs to generate profit/loss, break even, and other results based on user input. The chart shows real-time interaction of revenues and costs in the break even equation as the variables are changed. Dynamic visibility allows user customation of input limits. - Ron Tillis, author

View Demo: Legal Department Scorecard

Legal Department Scorecard

This interactive balanced scorecard is a performance management tool for a fictitious corporate law department. To ensure balance, the scorecard is centered around four key categories: employees, customers, communities, and profitable growth. Worldwide employees are able to access this scorecard to view results overall by geographic region. - Gregg Steiger, author

View Demo: Marketing Promotion Plan

Marketing Promotion Plan

The Marketing Promotion Plan is a tool that assists users in the design and development of marketing plans. Users can perform cost-benefit analysis of the various combinations of promotion plans created. This tool also shows information such as revenues, schedules, and performances of individual promotion plans from the previous period, acting as a reference and a guide for the design of a new promotion. - Jerry Tien, author

View Demo: Medical Plan Cost Comparison

Medical Plan Cost Comparison

The Medical Plan Cost Comparison was designed to give health insurance brokers, employers, and employees a simple method of comparing the wide array of California Small Group medical plans. With just a few clicks, you can find out which plan is best for the employee/member. Pre-built and custom 'claims scenarios' allow you compare out-of-pocket costs for each plan based on an endless range of medical expenses. This has proven to be a valuable decision support tool from pre-sale through the enrollment process. The beauty of presenting this data in Xcelsius is that the complex calculations are all hidden in the background while the interface is extremely easy to navigate. - Rob Shambaugh, author

Performance Benchmarking Dashboard

Performance Benchmarking Dashboard

Visualize the performance of organizations in managing money, people, infrastructure, and information. Funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts, the Grading the States Dashboard presents the objective evaluations of the Government Performance Project conducted by top universities and journalists. Use interactive tools to benchmark states and quickly review the 20 metrics behind the grades and see what each state should target before the 2008 Grading the States report. - Scott Bassett, author

Adult Mosquito Surveillance Interactive Chart

Adult Mosquito Surveillance Interactive Chart

This interactive Mosquito Surveillance Charting Tool allows our municipal clients the opportunity to view current mosquito population levels by county, municipality, individual trap, and mosquito genus. Current data may also be compared to previous years. This single charts will produce over 1,000 possible combinations for one county. Note: The Culex mosquito is the primary vector of West Nile Virus. Compare 2003 Culex levels (Colorado's WNV epidemic year) with years since. - Michael McGinnis, author

Supply Chain Executive Dashboard

Supply Chain Executive Dashboard

The Supply Chain Executive Dashboard was built in response to request from higher level executives to gain visibility to four main segments of their business, namely: account management, project updates (status), engineering (visibility to warehouse Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)), and global activity (a fast growing segment of their business). Each segment displays a number of KPIs, with summarized and drill down data options to gain further detail. The use of alerts and uniquely designed sections allow the user to quickly identify trends and problem areas within their organization. Though filled with important data, the database is easy to use and view. *All data has been changed from its original format and is being displayed for demonstration purposes only. - Rumico Tang Yuk, author